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Prepare For a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean …

Your cesarean birth may have been planned or unplanned, positive or disappointing. You want a vaginal birth this time. Create a new, unique opportunity for your VBAC attempt.

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Resolving your previous birth / Preparing for a vaginal birth - Exercises & Skills / How to increase your chance of a VBAC / How labor begins - Physical & Emotional stages of normal labor / Warning signs / determining progress / Why birthing techniques work—Relaxation / Breathing / Positions / Hydrotherapy / Visualization / Massage / How to push out the baby - Challenge of a VBAC mother / What a VBAC birth looks like – Audiovisual / Being VBAC parents - Discussion of birth story with VBAC parents

VBAC for Couples
Your mindset will make a difference!
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