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Babies Don't Come With Care Instructions Included …

If they did, much of the anxiety pregnant women and their partners feel would be alleviated. Find out what to expect once the baby has arrived! Lots of practical advice! Useful ideas and hand-on experience with anatomically correct baby dolls! Newborn Baby Care Class helps you and your partner gain confidence in parenting!

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Necessary items to have when your baby comes home / Tips on how to survive those first few days / Practice diapering, bathing, and handling a baby / How to cope with common difficulties—Crying / Colic / Sleep deprivation / How to cope with the emotional adjustment to parenthood / Guidelines for tuning into the baby’s wellbeing / Basic medical care – Taking temperature / Managing thrush / Diaper rash etc. / When to call for medical attention and how to administer mediation

Newborn Baby Care for Couples

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