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Birth Preparation Class

"When I was pregnant with my first son, I wanted to be sure I was completely prepared for the big day. I read the popular pregnancy and birth books, but there's nothing like being taught in-person by someone knowledgeable who can answer all of your questions. I asked my ob/gyn if he knew of anyone who gave a childbirth course, and he recommended Shoshanna. I found her classes extremely interesting and was impressed by the extent of Shoshanna's knowledge, and surprised by how much I learned (despite my extensive reading). I thought Shoshanna's class would simply "fill in the gaps" of what I didn't learn from the books, but it was much more than that. I felt mentally and emotionally prepared for childbirth as a result of taking Shoshanna's class. I was so impressed by Shoshanna's knowledge and warmth, I quickly knew I wanted her to be my doula. I was very grateful to have her there as support for my births." Lisa H. Modiin Israel

"Our first baby was due in April. . We were happy expectant parents and eager to see our baby. But first we had to go through the birth! We had so many fears, worries and lots of questions both big and small. So we decided to take part in a birth education class. This was so helpful. Shoshanna taught in a very organized, personable and humorous way. We looked forward to each class. After every evening we had to process the information and exercises we had learned about in class. Before the birth we felt we were more prepared and secure. During the labor my husband I used a lot of what Shoshanna taught us. We could handle situations competently because we had an idea about what could be helpful at that moment. When our baby arrived we looked back on the birth and we knew that Shoshanna’s birth education class was just great!" Esther F. Old City, Jerusalem

"Due to unforsen circumstances my daughter was put on hospital bedrest a month before her due date. She was expecting her first child and had not taken any pre-natal education. It was unclear how much longer she would hold the pregnancy before giving birth but Shoshanna made a hospital visit THE SAME DAY we called! Shoshanna spent two hours with us - my daughter, her husband and me (her mother and coach). All of us were much more relaxed after the class. We loved how uninhibited she was in demonstrating and explaining what to expect. Shoshanna gave us lots of ideas and information on pain control, distractions and breathing techniques. Shoshanna was also warm and caring to my daughter's roommate in the hospital". Naama R. Jerusalem

Breast Feeding Support Service

"Can one adequately describe the pleasure uf nursing one's baby? After months of carrying him in utero the natural thing to do is to continue to nuture and nourish him. When we were blessed with our tenth child I assumed that nursing would be just fine - just like it was with the previous nine children. In fact I was more concerned with the difficulties of managing a household after birth than managing the newborn! WELL - THIS TENTH CHILD TAUGHT ME A THING OR TWO!!!! Perserverence nursing my babies against the odds I was good at. But I had to admit to ignorance. Ignorance about breastfeeding nearly destroyed nursing this child. When I met Shoshanna I was immediately impressed with her blend of warmth and knowlege. I felt no hesitation calling her over and over again for direction and reassurance. Her genuine concern put me at ease. As a result I succeeded nursing this child until he was two and a half years old. I was so interested in sharing my new-found knowlege that I organized a group of friends and neighbors and invited Shoshanna to speak about pregnancy, labor, birth and nursing. I share Mrs. Goldbaum with anyone I can! We are now blessed with our eleventh child and I couldn't have nursed him without Shoshanna's direction. Daily phone calls and home visits reassured me and ensured my chance for success. Our toddler is now eighteen months old and nursing beautifully. Ah! The pleasure of nursing one's baby!" Miriam B. Beitar Illit

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