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Why should i attend birth education classes?

My mother and my friend have told me about their births. Isn't that enough?
"Each person, with whom you speak, sees birth through their own eyes and experiences. Those births will not be your birth. You can learn a great deal about the variety of births by speaking with many people. Birth stories are not always accurate, nor are they always well understood by birthing women. Childbirth preparation classes present an objective overview of birth."
I read books about births and watched videos. Isn't that enough?
"The information highway is vast and rapid, while books are often dated. Videos present one view of birth, while childbirth class prepares you for many options. Birth is a learned skill. You cannot learn to swim from a book or learn to ski from a video. However in a birth education class you learn many useful birthing skills from an instructor."

Why hire a birth assistant?
I am taking a birth preparation course. Isn't that enough?
"Birth education is very important. However it does not give you practical experience. Birth assistants know birth intimately. If you are well educated about birth, your birth assistant can help you better use your knowledge and skills. Your birth assistant keeps one step ahead of you as your progress through the birth process. She shares your efforts and spares you from unnecessary discomfort and stress."
My partner and I want to birth together. Why do we need a birth assistant with us?
Of course you and your partner will work together for the birth of your baby. Your partner knows you more intimately than any other person and therefore he can not be replaced. Birth assistants are familiar with all aspects of birth and help your partner to help you better. A birth assistant never gives up. She always has another technique / an additional trick / and more positive encouragement available.
I am giving birth in a good hospital. Won't the midwives and doctors take care of me?
"Choosing a good hospital which provides a supportive birthing environment is very important. The responsibility of a midwife is to provide medical management for normal labor and birth and common problems which may occur. The responsibility of a doctor is to provide medical management in pathological situations. Medical staff cannot be expected to provide continuous one on one physical and emotional support. Birth assistants are available to you beginning with labor at home and continuing though birth, whether vaginal or cesarean, in the hospital. Birth assistants remain with you to ensure a smooth transition to parenthood during the immediate hours of early infant contact. Your birth assistant provides the additional dimension of continuous physical and emotional support beyond the medical care of a hospital and its staff."

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