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Active Birth Jane Balaskas
Becoming a Childbirth Assistant Claudia Lowe
Nurse Midwifery Helen Varney
"292 Labor Support Tips, Techniques and Ideas" Claudia Lowe
Special Women Polly Perez
Mothering the Mother Marshall H.Klaus M.D., John H. Kennell M.D. & Phyllis H. Klaus
Birth Partner Penny Simkin
Obstetric Myths & Research Realities Hency Goer
The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth Hency Goer
The Pregnancy Book Martha Sears, William Sears & Linda Hughey Holt
The Birth Book William Sears & Martha Sears
The Baby Book William Sears, Martha Sears, Robert Sears & James Sears
Real Birth Robin Greene
The Midwife Companion Andrea Robertson
Mind over Labor Carl Jones
Birth Stories Mystery Power Creation Jane Dwiness
Labor Day—Shared Experiences from the Delivery Room Anne-Marie Gigli
Your Baby Your Way Sheila Kitzinger
Episiotomy and Second Stage Labor Sheila Kitzinger
"A Good Birth, A Safe Birth" Diana Korte
The VBAC Companion Diana Korte
Easing Labor Pain Adrienne Lieberman
An Easier Childbirth Gayle Peterson
Mother Massage Elaine Stillerman
Premature Baby Book Helen Harrison
Open Season:A Survival Guide for Natural Childbirth and VBAC in the 90's Nancy Wainer Cohen
When A Baby Dies Rana Limbo
Nursing Mother’s Companion Kathleen Huggins
Breastfeeding Your Baby Sheila Kitzinger
Pregnancy Bed Rest Johnston
Year After Childbirth Sheila Kitzinger
Baby Catcher Peggy Vincent
Diary of a Midwife Juliana van Olphen Fehr
Labor of Love Judith Zimmer
Pregnancy Bedrest: Susan H. Johnston & Deborah A. Kraut or Wanda Hale

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