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Labor Shared is Labor Spared!
This course prepares you for a lifetime of birth experiences. You will learn to help women and their families plan their birth. You will assist in labor, at birth and with early care of mother and baby. You learn to cope with special situations, such as early labor, inductions, cesarean, vaginal birth after cesarean, multiple births, prolonged labors and more...

The Birth Assistant Training Course does not prepare course participants or graduates to do medical interventions, to take medical responsibility, or to make decisions during the birth process. The Birth Assistant Training Course does not prepare course participants or graduates to teach Birth Education Classes. Birth Assistants are para-medical professionals, hired by the birthing woman and responsible to her.

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Reproductive Anatomy & Physiology / Conception & Pregnancy / Prenatal Exercise / Labor and Birth Process / Hospital Procedures / Birth Assistant Skills / Postpartum Care of Mother / Newborn Characteristics and Care / Emergency Childbirth / Cesarean Birth and VBAC / Medications / Hospital Tours / Birth Class Observations / Birth Experiences

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Labor shared is labor spared
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